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We Adapted the IRC System Mobile!

We made our voice heard all over the world with Androirc mobile chat program. Turkey's highest quality androirc chat program with you. We share the best android irc program with you with its quality usage and ability to login to various chat servers.

Comprehensive Chat

A large audience of users from Europe and Asia. Download now the most preferred application among mobile mirc programs.

Free Mobile Chat

The membership-free IRC platform accepts direct chat login.

Latest Technology Mobile Chat Site

Many irc lovers are encountering some errors while trying to connect to the chat sites only through the web connection from the phone. However, when you install Androirc on your phones with android operating system, your chances of encountering any problems are very low. It's as simple as described in what you have to do. Just download AndroiRC from Google Play Store or Appstore and install it on your phone over the internet.


Check The Features

Play Store Assurance
Fast Download
Server Listing
Flat Colors
Low size
Ability to Move Fast
Registering Server
Falling Problem Removed
Safe Use on All Servers
Radio Player
Entering Multiple Servers
Comfortable Mobility

Androirc is Used All Over The World

Irc users from all over the world gather here and chat.

  • Turkey's Largest Chat Server.
  • English language support available.
  • Global and unique design mobile chat program.
  • Earn friends with the dating site.

Our aim is always to provide our valued users with a 100% quality, level, safe environment and to do so by keeping up with today's conditions. Therefore, we have always tried to act by predicting your wishes or taking into account your wishes.

Most Downloaded Chat Program Androirc

The most advanced interface of modern dating sites that you can download and use on your phone is with you.

The program we have been working on for a long time manages to attract the attention of the whole world. The online chat site where you can hang in the chat by entering the nickname invites you.

Unlike the programs used in the past, with the Android Mirc program, you will be able to chat faster and without falling. Everyone can easily use this program that we share for free.

Entertainment and Mobile Chat Together!

You will have fun with information sharing and information games, and chat with colorful characters.

  • The phone consumes your battery at a low level.
  • You won't have any disconnection problem while chatting.
  • We offer quality to the chat environment with various emojis.

People of all ages are chatting instantly on our site. Join them now and start chatting with us.

Each country has separate rooms. To represent your own country, create your own room and invite people.

Mobile Chat and Game Program

A chat site where various online games meet.

Esport players' choice is on our side. We set up gathering rooms here with Esports players from various countries.

  • We created special rooms for CS Go Players.
  • Silkroad Online Mobile Players Meet Here.
  • Pubg mobile players create their rooms and chat.

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